The wisdom of crowds has proven to be accurate in many applications. Stonder brings collective intelligence to the investment world by crowdsourcing investor sentiment.

In order to get started, register and log in to Stonder. After logging in, go to the Rate screen and start giving opinions on individual stocks. You can select the company universe you are interested in from the company filter section. Your opinions will contribute to the aggregate opinions. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer and you can always choose the None –button if you do not have a strong opinion.

Stonder provides you tools to see what investors think about individual companies and the market in general. You can see how the opinions have changed over time.

Interesting companies can be found by scrolling through the Rating and Sentiment screens. The best way to start using Stonder is to give your opinion about companies by selecting Rate screen. After that you will have a portfolio which performance can be compared to other users, professional analysts and screening models.

Stonder also creates a synthetic portfolio for each user based on their ratings. These portfolios are tracked against the market and other users.